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About Us


s.srinivasagam & company

Started out as a humble wholesale distributor and manufacturer covering  entire Vidharb area 


Top exporter of rice to tamil nadu, india

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fastest growing domestic enterprise in india

With continual development 


goldenbird is born

With the goodwill of all our domestic importers etc etc


goldenbird becomes the most transperant interantional exporter in india


Our Inception

Countries operating to

Generations of experience

Our Foundation

Farmers in India

“The future lies in popularising agro-ecological practices and sustainable agriculture and making farming stress-free for small farmers and agricultural labor.”

Shakthi Nadar

Chairman, Goldenbird

We Believe, the Future is in our Hands. Here’s What We’ve Been Doing

Sustainable Farming

The current global situation has brought about many challenges which we aim to address. Re-imagining the trade would benefit over a million farmers and their families, in our ever growing supply chain creating a sustainable model that also benefits the next generation of agri workers.

Our purpose extends beyond the global rice trade, from the individual growth of farmers to manufacturers, we’re here to develop sustainable living landscapes where healthy rural communities and cultural ecosystems can coexist.

Why Golden Bird?

One of the biggest exporters of Rice

Establishing our presence in over 10 of the most agro-driven regions of our country, gives us better insights in maintaining high quality and standards in procurement and delivery.

Nagpur Base

Based out of Nagpur, the central area of India and the capital of IR-64 rice has given us access to higher quality produce that could be easily procured and trasnported to 4 of the country’s major ports at ease.

From cultivating in select fertile lands to procurement and processing to container selection, our rigorous standards will ensure your safe and timely delivery.

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